Let’s Create Neighborhoods for Everyone in Illinois

Send an email to tell your legislators you oppose rent control, and instead want to SHAPE Illinois with a balanced housing approach that encourages an additional supply of market-rate, affordable, and workforce housing units.

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Watch here to discover the facts about rent control. Experts agree, it leads to fewer rentals, lower quality housing, and higher rents. Illinois deserves better.

Position Statement on Rent Control

Illinois neighborhoods need an increased supply of multifamily housing, not the detrimental effects of rent control measures. We urge you to stand with SHAPE Illinois and advocate for housing affordability, progress and equality. Rent control is not the answer, instead let’s create neighborhoods for everyone in Illinois.

SHAPE Illinois

(Support Housing Affordability, Progress and Equality)

Encourages the removal of regulatory barriers to stimulate the supply of affordable housing. Take a stand against harmful legislation that would enact devastating rent control measures now working their way through the General Assembly.